About us

Real Estate Agency - Su Hogar en el Sol

SU HOGAR EN EL SOL, "Your home under the Sunshine" as it is referred to in English, is the Swedish-Spanish Enterprise that is affiliated with the Spanish Builder and Promoter Companies established in the market for more than 30 years.

We are highly qualified specialists and we can assist you free of charge, in obtaining a property or in making an investment. Our offers are Direct from the Builders! We offer a broad variety of properties. We have marketed successfully to foreign investors who want to buy properties or invest along the Spanish Mediterranean Coastline mainly Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol as well as Mallorca.

Why should you choose us?

Whether you are buying for investment purposes, or purely for pleasure, our network can provide you with all the advice and services that you require. Our philosophy is to find for you the property that best suits your needs, and then complete the purchase with minimal fuss.

We will carefully analyze what you are looking for and use our knowledge and expertise to match your needs. Our Enterprise together with our partners, promotes and markets properties along the Spanish Mediterranean Coastline. Besides Spanish properties we have other projects and investment opportunities in Mallorca.

Our Business Partners are mainly builder with more than 30 years experience in the market. We have good partnership with strong and established financial institutions and we will be able to meet your financial needs to invest in Spanish properties. We offer a mortgage between 60-70%. We will carefully guide you through the purchasing process, explaining all the options available to you. We can supply all the legal and financial advice you need, from qualified independent professionals based on-site.

Once you have found your home under the sunshine we act quickly and efficiently to complete the purchase. There is no risk and no worries, our highly trained team will give you all the advice and support you need. The builders and the promoters assume the responsibility for the entire contractual commitment on your behalf.

We offer:
  • Simplicity
  • Safety
  • Knowledge
  • Experience in business management
  • A strong Network of professionals
  • Personal attention in English